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Online Support for JewelTag Pro

download MEGANETHELP This file will allow meganet personnel to connect to your computer for support purposes.

Tags Worthy of Your Jewellerry


When clicked on Meganethelp, the system will confirm if you want to Run or Save the file. Click on Run. Vista and windows 7 will reconfirm if this is indeed what you want to do.

After confirmation the program will run and you will be presented with the screen shown here. click on the person that you require support from eg. “JewelTag1” and press Connect button should make the connection.
If the connection fails check that-

Meganethelp is Ver 2013 (ver 1 multiconnect will not work)
Firewall is off
User access control is set to allow.
No antivirus is blocking incomming connections.

Did You Know...

CardMaker allows you to create Guarantee Cards, Customer Loyalty cards, Discount Cards for your schemes on your normal inkjet printer.
CardMaker can also be used as a unique coin packing system.